That’s What The Blues Is All About


  1. Speeding 0:54
  2. Check Your Ego At the Door 0:24
  3. I'm a Grown Man 0:36
  4. Boogie Woogie 1:02
  5. Work Until I Die 1:16
  6. Let You Go 0:56
  7. Bad Friend 0:48
  8. Something's Wrong 1:00
  9. That's What the Blues is All About 0:31
  10. I Can Do Bad All By Myself 0:48
  11. Let's Go Home 0:52
  12. I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do 0:35
  13. You Funny Too 0:58
  14. Chingaling Chingaling 0:44
  15. Daddy's Blues 1:13


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In 2011 “Daddy’s Cash” was invited to collaborate with legendary John Lee Hooker, Jr., who twice has been nominated for a Grammy Award: in 2004 for his debut album, Blues with a Vengeance, and in 2008 for his third album, All Odds Against Me. This outstanding Blues musician blends diverse musical styles from Rhythm and Blues to Jazz and Funk, creating his own contemporary arrangements.

The new record That’s What The Blues Is All About includes 14 songs, written by John Lee Hooker Jr., performed in new arrangements with “Daddy’s Cash”. This album shows the extraordinary mix of the ‘American rhythm’ combined with Polish fantasy. There is something for everyone: from Delta Blues across Ballades, Boogie, Chicago sound, Funk, a little bit of Jazz and even Big Band or Latin sound.

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