Blues With a Vengeance


  1. Suspicious 1:08
  2. Check Yourself 0:54
  3. Blues Aint Nothing But A Pimp 1:01
  4. Dimples 0:52
  5. She Wasn't Nothin' But A Devil 0:58
  6. Boom Boom 1:05
  7. Keep It Real 0:57
  8. I'm Leavin' 0:55
  9. Goin' Down to Baghdad1 1:11
  10. Stormy Monday 0:54
  11. Groove Thang 1:11
  12. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer 0:58


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Blues With A Vengeance: Why, some may ask, with a vengeance? Because we’ve been held back for so long by drugs, alcohol, divorce, incarceration, and death that we wanted to go to the extreme in working on this project. John Lee Hooker Jr has gone out of bounds, beyond limitations, broke barriers and broke the “blues rules” in working on this CD. Grammy-nominated album!

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